Make Money with Your Blog

12 Sep

The 5 big steps to make good money with a blog:

# 1 Set up your blog right

To make money with a blog, the first logical step is of course to own a blog.

Essentially it is to carry out a proper preparation and to set up the blog technically correct. So that he forms a good basis from the beginning to be able to earn money later.

# 2 Create useful content

Now that you own a blog, it’s about taking care of the content.

It’s important to create really useful content that clearly adds value to your reader. Draw here from your expertise and experience. Write informative, relevant and useful articles for your readers.

# 3 Operate marketing for your blog

Many bloggers assume that good content is enough for success. But that’s only half the battle. With a “the visitors come alone” mentality will be hard to do.

Especially at the beginning you have to actively make sure that your excellent content is also read. Otherwise, unfortunately, they dust in the last corner.

# 4 Establish your blog

For a successful development of your blog, you must take the second and third step as a process and repeat it continuously.

It’s also very important to build a relationship with your readers. Always reply to emails and comments. Interact personally with your readers. Newsletters and social networks are good tools for this.

# 5 Generating revenue

As soon as the first visitors come to your blog, you can already earn money in principle. That’s why you should already (in step 2) integrate revenue opportunities in the blog.

  1. Own products

Selling my own products is, in my opinion, the most attractive way to make money from a blog.

You are independent of other providers (affiliate partners) and have the highest profit margins with your own product.

And unlike services, the sale of digital products is fully automated, resulting in a passive income.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work?

For this you link in your blog on the product page of the respective product. If someone follows the link and buys the product within a specified time frame (example 30 days), you will receive a commission for the placement.

Through so-called tracking methods, the sale can be attributed to your affiliate link.

The amount of the commission varies from the respective affiliate partner and product.

  1. Consulting and service

In fact, every blogger is in some ways already a consultant. Because through your blog, you put your knowledge at the disposal of others and solve their questions and problems.

So, has a blog as a perfect platform to position yourself as an expert in your field and establish. And around that you can run a business as a consultant or service provider. And that online / offline or in combination.

  1. Advertising

The most common way to make money from a blog is to advertise.

You will be paid here either by click (Pay-Per-Click) or by the number of copies of the advertising banner (Pay-Per-Mille).

There is also the possibility to rent advertising spaces for a fixed amount.

However, to really earn money with advertising, you need massive traffic, since the fees are very low.

In contrast to the other options here is usually only a small pocket money in it.

  1. Other options

Sell ​​Blog:

Your blog is an asset that you can sell. Some even pull up blogs just to sell them afterwards.

Link selling:

Another method is selling or renting links. One should be careful, however, as it is reluctant to see Google and can lead to a punishment in the ranking.

Paid Articles:

You will be paid to write a specific article (example product test) and publish it on your or the client’s blog.

Premium Content:

With this method, your readers pay a fixed monthly amount to get access to certain high-quality content or a private community on your blog.


There are really many ways to make money with a blog. You can also combine these and build versatile sources of income.

I find the fact of passive income especially appealing. For example, with products or affiliate marketing.

Of course, it takes a lot and takes time to get a blog up to a level where you make a lot of money.

But if you get to that point, your stamina will be rewarded with a new life. I can speak from my own experience.