How to Make Money with Blog: Ideas that Work Best in the World of Bloggers!

14 Feb

Ideas to make money with blog

  1. Consulting

As your online presence grows, your niche comes to see you as a reference on that subject, which is half way to providing consulting services.  For example, someone with a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and who addresses this on his blog can offer advice to visitors, helping them to eat better.

  1. Advertising of physical products

Many bloggers sell advertising space on their blog to brands they wish to advertise. This tip is valid, mainly, for those who already have a certain authority and a good average of daily visitors, since these two indicators are what attract the most attention of companies and brands

  1. Sale of digital products

Imagine that you already have a blog for some time, have a fair number of loyal visitors who like your content and have seen a lot of people making money on the internet with the sale of digital products.

  1. 4. Online Courses

The online courses are increasingly high, so they are easy to access and can be consumed on any smartphone or computer. With so much technology, people are noticing the world of opportunity they have with the internet.

  1. Affiliate Program

The affiliate program functions as a product recommendation program in which the affiliate receives a commission every time they make a sale. At Hotmart, for example, this commission can reach up to 80% of the value of the product.

  1. Choose your product / service

Will you create an online course, be an affiliate or offer consulting services? From that choice, your content creation should be geared toward getting your customer to your product through content marketing strategies.

  1. Create good content

His main concern when creating a blog should be to provide quality content and, more than that, on matters that are of public interest. After all, people need to want to read about what you write, right? And to know what is in focus in your market, watch the hype, participate in social networks and search the topics quoted by the heavy users of the internet.

  1. Keep an editorial calendar

In order for the volume of visits to increase, it is imperative that you have a content posting routine. The editorial calendar will help you keep track of the frequency of posts you’ve committed to follow.

  1. Adopt diversity of content

When thinking about a blog, it is common to keep a close eye on written posts. But the richer your content, with different formats, such as images, videos and infographics, the more complete and interesting it will be.

  1. Build a base of contacts

If you create an email list, you have a great tool to generate more traffic to your site and also to promote digital products. Your list can be a great channel for blog content, digital product launches, partnerships, and also for promotions, right in your reader’s inbox, without being exclusively required to visit the site.

  1. Partner with other blogs

Strengthen your brand by partnering with other blogs that are not your direct competitors, but still, be part of the same market. You can make room for guest posts by inviting someone else to post on your blog and also offer to create content for partner blogs. That way, the two blogs have the possibility to reach a new audience, but that is interested by the same subject.

     7. Build Engagement in Social Networks

A priceless blogger is present in various social networks, producing unique content and strengthening contact with his audience. But watch out: look at what social networks your person actually uses. Remember that each social network requires different content formats and you need to adapt to each of them to deliver what your audience really can interest.

  1. Learn SEO techniques

IF THE. Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization. Despite the complicated name, SEO techniques aim to improve the positioning of your site in search engines, such as Google, improving your organic traffic (the one that arrives free of charge to you).