How to Make Money on the Internet with Your Blog

15 Mar

Learn how to make money on the internet

Keeping in mind the importance of the content you will post, it is now time to define strategies that can be profitable for your business. Come on? Check out some tips that can help you make money on the Internet with your professional blog:

Web Partnerships

These partnerships can strengthen the marketing of your business because you will have the chance to generate guest posts for these partners. So, over time, your backlinks will increase and people who visit this partner’s website will visit yours as well and vice versa.

Google, for example, understands how relevant a page is indicated by other pages and thus, its chances of appearing increase even more, which favors you to bill with new possible leads.

Google AdSense

Many blogs have billed “lending” space for ads. With AdSense, the Google affiliate program, you display ads on your blog that are contracted through the company’s sponsored links program display network.

The Google AdSense is one of the affiliate programs that offers more profitability. An affiliate program is nothing more than an advertising service in which a company rents or sells advertising space on the internet, so that the owner of the space is remunerated according to the performance of the advertising campaign.

Make Paid Reviews

The reviews paid have long been used by businesses and professionals who have sought to make money online with your blog. This is because, more and more, people have taken into account the opinion of other vehicles on certain subject to close deals.

Offer Tutorials and E-books

Another way that shows how content can be a great ally in generating profits to make money on the Internet is to make the sale of e-books or tutorials available to visitors to your blog. The e-book should contain complete and in-depth information on the topics covered in the blog, be careful not to be repetitive, as this will not arouse the interest to purchase the material. Provide supplemental information and data that is not available on the blog. The e-book should contain relevant data and information that can make a difference to whoever purchased it.

Online sales

The online world is very crowded and to stand out is essential to offer a differential, something that highlights your product or service from the competition and arouse interest from the target audience. To reach your audience, explore social networks for dissemination and learn the language, habits and behavior of your potential customers.

Bill with Bitcoins

Bitcoins are digital currencies and these crypto-coins have been undergoing a constant valuation process and there is already a specialized market in digital currency trading, becoming true stock exchanges.

Digital coins are secure, allow the consumer to make purchases on the Internet and online payments in an agile and efficient way. Bitcoins can be used for both transactions and investment.

There are platforms specialized in digital currencies, the ideal is to rely on the experience and security of companies known in the segment, especially when you are starting. The US brokerage Poloniex is one of the giant and leading companies in this market. Learn more about and understand how bitcoin works in this article.


There are many ways to make money on the Internet from a blog. It is always valid to accompany your target audience in order to be able to define the best strategies that, in fact, can contribute to the success of your business.